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dc.contributor.authorBosch, Dante René
dc.contributor.authorSotelo, Rubén Rafael
dc.identifier.citationBosch, Dante René y Sotelo, Rubén Rafael, 2015. Geotechnical characterization in metropolitan area of great Resistencia : types of soils. American Journal of Science and Technology. Vasad: American Association for Science and Technology, vol. 2, no. 5, p. 232-236. ISSN
dc.description.abstractGeotechnical and geomorphological precedents on the field of study show that there would be an important correlation between geomechanical profiles of subsurface and its genesis. In order to verify the existence of its correlation, in 2006 a research project named “Geotechnical characterization in the metropolitan area of Great Resistencia- Chaco” was initiated, where this work is framed into. The general aim of the work is to analyze geomechanical properties of underground soils layers into the area of Great Resistencia (Chaco), trying to identify typical strata and determine if really exists a relationship with their genesis. For this, forty-two Standard Penetration Test (SPT) were selected and analyzed placed at different points of the study area. Due to soils in the zone of study are sedimentary origin, in a first stage a study was made on grain sized properties of them and thereafter the soil type was analyzed taking into consideration its classification. As conclusion of the work can say that the grain sized characteristics and the types of studied soils are related strongly to the depth to which they are, being able to delimit characteristic layers. Although zones of area of study with little density of soundings exist, the analyzed results show a clear tendency between the soils types and the depth in which they
dc.publisherAmerican Association for Science and Technologyes
dc.sourceAmerican Journal of Science and Technology, 2015, vol. 2, no. 5, p.
dc.subjectResistencia cityes
dc.titleGeotechnical characterization in metropolitan area of great Resistencia : types of soilses
unne.affiliationFil: Bosch, Dante René. Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. Facultad de Ingeniería;
unne.affiliationSotelo, Rubén Rafael. Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. Facultad de Ingeniería;

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