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    • Milk fatty acid profile from grazing buffaloes fed a blend of soybean and linseed oils 

      Gagliostro, Gerardo Antonio; Patiño, Exequiel María; Sanchez Negrette, Marcial; Sager, G.; Castelli, L.; Antonacci, Liliana. E.; Raco, F.; Gallello, L.; Rodríguez, M. A.; Cañameras, C.; Zampatti, M. L.; Bernal, Claudio (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Escola de Veterinária, 2015-06)
      The aim of the study was to examine the changes in milk fatty acid (FA) profile of grazing buffaloes fed either low (L, 276g/d) or high (H, 572g/d) doses of a blend (70:30, wt/wt) of soybean and linseed oils. Fourteen ...
    • Growth, survival and bone alterations in Piaractus mesopotamicus larvae under different rearing protocols 

      Hernández, David Roque; Agüero, Carlos Hernán; Santinón, Juan José; González, Alfredo Oscar; Sánchez, Sebastián (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, 2015-09)
      The pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) is a neotropical freshwater fish. It is one of the most important species farmed in areas of the Parana and Paraguay Rivers basins. The effects of different rearing protocols on growth, ...